Friday, April 7, 2017

Morning Draws Near

Early this morning as I drove on the highway, the sky opened and tears of damp, flowing rain descended. I watched the change that dawn brought-charcoal black to slate gray to light gray. Morning drew closer and daylight caught the light of April showers. I remembered that it was Thankful Thursday and gave thanks for life cleansed by the rain. 

Then, later in the evening, I opened  Violet Nesdoly's blog for Spiritual Journey 1st Thursday and read, "Have you ever experienced things coming together in your life in surprising, yet seemingly meant-to-be kinds of ways?"  She continued with thoughts about her journey with sketching and drawing and provided examples of her Bible journaling. I reflected upon Violet's question, recalling my drive to a school and the photo I took. That is when I decided to digitize my photo and see what words would evolve. I engaged in quiet time reading through Bible verses on joy and this led to what I am terming digital spiritual journaling.

As morning breaks,
the world opens
its doors.
for a
new dawn
to refresh our lives.

I took the liberty to combine different versions of 2 Samuel 23:4.

He is the light of the morning when the sun rises- 
A morning without clouds 
When the tender grass springs out of the earth, 
Through sunshine after rain.

From morning to evening the sky turned shades of gray with the sun peeking for short bursts here and there. It is time to let the sunshine after the rain bring me to a peaceful rest. Joyful thoughts are mine at day's end. 

Be renewed in spirit as Eastertime is approaching!

Thanks to Irene Latham for the start-up of the 2017 Spiritual Journey first Thursday originally created by Holly Mueller and Violet Nesdoly for hosting the writing event this month. 

The digital and poetic thougths in this slice are part of my #poetrylisciouspoetry collection for National Poetry Month.

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