Sunday, April 16, 2017

Celebrating April

April found its stride this week as sunshine entered each day, a solitary cardinal made its way to my garden after a long winter, and life perked up. Nature reminded earth to celebrate with springtime renewal breath.

april's air stirs in
willow-leaves...a butterfly
floats and balances
-Basho Matsuo

This week balance was needed to restore my surroundings back to life. The mason rebuilt my  front entrance, the landscaper reenergized the front garden with a new blooming tree to replace the serpentine that lost many of its buds, and the meteorologist forecasted warming winds to replace the recent chilled dampness. Spirits were lifted by the start of the spring weather and Easter, the ultimate season of renewal. 

"We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song."
-Pope John Paul II

nature brings new growth
new construction restores peace
springtime radiates

Springtime renews hope in living.

Let's celebrate spring and the hope Easter brings!

The image poem above is part of my #poetrylisciouspoetry collection for National Poetry Month 2017.

I celebrate April as National Poetry Month.  Because poetry is a year-round endeavor of creative expression, I have invited all interested in creating their own poetryliscious poetry for my newest gallery, Springsations. You can access the invitation here and add your offerings at the hashtag, #Springsations

I share my celebration of April with Ruth Ayres and her Celebrate This Week community. 

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