Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Joy in Creating

There is a joy in the process of creating.                                                                                 AUTHOR--Dejan Stojanovic, The Shape
Creating means living.

When I get involved in a passion project, whatever it is, I immerse myself in the moment, finding fulfillment in what I am doing. Tonight, my passion project is baking cookies as part of a family tradition. In many of my blog posts, I have given high praise to my grandmother and mother for their baking talents. Tonight, I think of them as I continue baking specialty cookies for the baby shower I am hosting this weekend for my daughter. Many of the cookies are dipped in pink chocolate. Have I provided a clue? It's a girl tiny ribbons and heart-shaped trinkets are everywhere in my house. My grandmother and mother must be dancing for joy in their heavenly homes.

Finding joy in creating evolves as the process nears an end but not everyone realizes this. Some people have never experienced joyful feelings of accomplishment or learning for learning's sake. Some give up while creating, thinking that their work is not "good enough". Some can't move beyond their comfort zone. Others, find fault with their work and rather than revise, discard what they did.

While baking this week, I found enjoyment in the discomfort stage. Trying out new recipes was somewhat challenging because of the unknown but I remembered how creative my mother and grandmother were. That thought spurred me on. As I prepared my cookie dough, I remembered their hands busily preparing tasty confections for their family, working alone in silence to be able to concentrate. They enjoyed honing their craft. I commend their diligence to the tasks they were involved in and their ability to pass down their passion for baking so I can find the joys of creating and living a full life. If I gave up on improving my bakings skills because some of the cookies were a bit too brown around the edges or the frosting a tad too sweet, I would not have been able to create some new tastes for my guests to savor. 

Upon further reflection on the process of creating, I realize that I need to stay on task, focus, and find joy in the process of creating at all stages. 

Not every creation is going to be a great one but it is just one more step to honing our craft.

Cookies in the oven,
Baby cozy and warm,
Celebrate the wonder
of life about to be born.
©CV, 2017

I share this digital with you to show you that will the cookie dough was delicious, the final products were not picture picture perfect and that's okay! 

The image poem and inspirational message above are part of my #poetrylisciouspoetry collection for National Poetry Month 2017.

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