Saturday, June 3, 2017

Celebrating Story

While I wait to hear the news of the arrival of my granddaughter, our first grandchild, I gather items that I will bring to Virginia for the event. Stories unfold as I collect the memorabilia: a photo album of my daughter's first years of life, an embroidered little robe, decades old but as fresh as when it was first worn, and a quilted blanket. These pieces, among others once cherished, have come full circle as I piece together a story for the new generation.

I celebrate the women in my life who came before me, 
nurtured me, and led me to a world of learning.

I celebrate my daughter, 
now ready to bring a daughter into this world
to make her mark on life.

Story unfolds with time.
Tales progress, reflecting like 
a mirror upon our familial lives.
Torn photos, mementos, family treasures, 
worn with years, touched by tears, share stories

and so the story lives on
with new life.

Stories build upon stories as life twists and turns with each new bend of the path. Where the story goes is part of the wonder of a new generation of storytellers. With faith, these new eyes will see the beauty of life and find a path to walk as many have done before.


I celebrate with others who have stories to tell
and open their doors to listen to mine.
Thank you Ruth Ayres for the space to Celebrate Life This Week.

Thank you Margaret Simon for the space to create 
and play with the DigiLit Sunday Community.

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