Friday, June 9, 2017

Visualizing Joy

How do you greet each day? Do you celebrate the moments that pass by or see the blades of grass as the rebirth of earth? 

I reflected on these thoughts this week as I awaited news of a tiny new life about to be born.  Each day seemed endless with anticipation. I needed to slow down, rest my mind on the breath, and see the world with new eyes to finally realize that joy will come. Then, I read a quote from Peter Sis: "How much do you visualize something you've never seen and just imagined...?" 

While waiting for news, I started creating to visual joy. My colleague, Kevin Hodgson interpreted my poem, Strange Dreams, that I wrote last week. He created a visual poetry video. (You can view that here.) It is an amazing piece of work that made me wonder? How did Kevin accomplish what he did? What was the platform he used? Being a connected educator, Kevin gave me insight into how to create something that was only in my mind's eye.

A poem, Joyful Expectancy, evolved. Shortly after that, I began the process of creating a poetry video. I must have gone through ten iterations so far and I am still not finished. The credits do not note that the rainbow was created by my friend, Delia, who traveled recently to Ireland nor which photos are my originals. I am waiting for my last remake to correct my inputs. Lumen 5 is an amazing platform to create videos but when "playing" with a new format, I need time to work out the kinks. For now you can see the draft version here. 

"There are words in the soul of a newborn baby,
wanting and waiting to be written."
-Toba Beta

Joy is soon to arrive with the new birth. Stories will ariseIn the meantime, it is time for this week's Poetry Friday. Mary Lee Hahn is hosting at A Year of Reading and shares an original poem that holds my one word, joy. When I chose this word to guide my yearlong journey, I hoped it would find me. Thank you Mary Lee and Kevin for helping me visualize joy. I am looking forward to finding joy while reading my Poetry Friday friends' entries this week. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Thank you to all my Poetry Friday friends who contributed poetic offerings for my spring gallery, Springsations. I have been working on the design and will send out announcements on when the gallery will be unveiled. 

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