Saturday, June 17, 2017


At dusk, the world finds rest 
under the canopy of sunset.
Nature shares its evening colors.

On my way to Virginia, I was graced with the image of a sunset in progress. It was not a sunset that I have witnessed on Long Island by the beach or in my neighborhood. It was one that filled a mighty expanse with softness while a glaring sun shot its lights upon the water. I was lucky enough not only to witness the beauty of evening's call to commune with nature but to capture several photos while my husband drove. What I saw beyond the sunset was a river still and silent waiting for its story to unfold. Were it not for the sun glaring in the sky, I would not have noticed the tranquil scene.

I learned a lesson from witnessing this sunset. Life is not a steeplechase, rushing from one event to another, although many times it feels that way. I thought about the metaphor, life is like a river. Is it about meandering through life or is there more substance to the statement? Do I regularly notice the flow of life, feel its natural course or do I resist the patterns? Do I veer here and there? Do I recognize that in order to maneuver great distances, I must abide by the laws of nature, accept the challenges, and move past the rocks. I think I do but sometimes, I do not notice the sunsets. There needs to be a more consistent flow on my journey, like the river's flow. There needs to be more notice and wondering time for there is so much beauty in the natural world.

Listen to Life is Like a River

Meanwhile, Carol at Carol's Corner is hosting Poetry Friday here. She provides readers with a brief introduction to the new poet laureate, Tracy K. Smith.

My spring gallery, Springsations, is still under construction. Stay tuned for more details about the unveiling.

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