Thursday, June 1, 2017

Strange Dreams

Have you ever had a strange dream that made you wish you had a pen and paper to record it?

The mind can be a strange playground!
wandering in the darkness of sleep,
moving silently through unwalked corridors,
holding court with people never met,
engaging in unknown happenings-
The mind can be a strange playground!
bringing waking to a startled moment,
a wrestled, unfinished, lingering thought,
opening daylight with uncharted waters,
that float in the midst of unfinished business.
The mind can be a strange playground!
©CVarsalona, 2017

Thank you to two colleagues who set the stage for this flight of the mind poem that really was lurking in the clutches of a recent dream. Kevin Hodgson's response, "The mind can be a strange playground," to Fran Haley's slice, Song of Invisibility, set my mind thinking. While not remembering all the details of a dream (probably set off by my post, Whoosh), I quickly wrote back to Fran and Kevin.
After my frustrating experience with computer glitches and my vanishing work, I tried to fall asleep. Yoga breathing was one of my remedies but it took a long time to enter dreamland that was filled with all sorts of weird happenings. I wake rested but am trying to remember bits and pieces of what transpired. 

From this crazy experience, a Wonder Bundle Learning Experience on dreams evolved. That ELA lesson plan for 5th grade, using Wonderopolis' Wonder of the Day, #988, Have You Ever Had Crazy Dreams?is found at the Wonder Ground

It is time for this week's Poetry Friday. Buffy Silverman is hosting at Buffy's Blog

SPECIAL NOTE: I am collecting poetry for my spring gallery, Springsations, this weekend. Please send in your offering if you have not done so yet. Come celebrate springtime with me.

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