Thursday, June 22, 2017


Morning light sweeps the room.
Day nestles in the corner,
swaddling baby in love.
CV, 2017

The heart journey begins
with a sweet coo,
a soft touch,
strong emotion
CV, 2017

Grandmotherhood is a new calling for me. I bring to mind childhood memories reminding me of the special moments I spent with my grandmother: rose garden tending, kneading dough, hanging washed clothes in the sunlight, shucking peas, and tasting treats from her kitchen. Summer days were mellow, peaceful, and full of love. I also bring to mind timeworn memories of my mother dispensing her love on my children. She created magical moments for them daily. Genuine love has been passed on from generation to generation and so I shall faithfully continue the tradition with Baby Sierra Kathryn.


Thank you to my friend and fabulous poet, Irene Latham, for sending me gifts from the heart prior to Sierra's birth. I will cherish these Summer Poem Swap gifts always. Look below to find an original poem, joy notebook, and miniature hurdy gurdy that plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star from Irene. 

Don't you just love the opening to the poem Irene wrote?
"a time to remain rooted as an oak
as you cradle a warm moon" 

Now it is time to visit Heidi Mordhurst's site, my juicy little universe, for the Poetry Friday Round-Up. 

Readers, I am still in the process of designing my spring gallery, Springsations. As you can see, I have been preoccupied with the birth of first grandchild. As a beautiful spring blossom she will be the inspiration to unveil the gallery. Stay tuned!

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