Wednesday, July 12, 2017

First Month Joy

Thursday marks the first month of Baby Sierra Kathryn's life. From the moment, I read the text and saw her newborn photo, I fell in love. Joy immediately flowed and I counted the hours until I met her. 

This week, on my second trip to Virginia, I celebrate Sierra's life with my family. Her smile, coo, stretching poses, and adorable faces have delighted me as she becomes more alert and in touch with her surroundings. With these images, I have created a  memory quilt to take back to Long Island. They will be placed in a special corner of my heart as a keepsake of grandmother love. 

Being a grandmotheralbeit a long-distance one, is a gift of endless joy. I can be a cuddler and story teller while I am with Sierra and then, a dream maker and story builder while I am away. I can envision walking a path alongside Sierra as she makes her mark in life. 

Many grandmothers have shared this same joy that I feel today. I have heard their stories and honored the wisdom that they have passed on to me. One such grandmother, Donna Smith, surprised me today with a beautiful, original poem that she wrote for me. She included a special note: "Enjoy this chapter in your life. It is amazing." I thank Donna for reaching out to me as I celebrate this week with my daughter and her husband, along with my husband son.

This afternoon, while the house was quiet, I read aloud Donna's poem to Sierra and her mother.

At Her Birth

Fathomless, untapped
Love freshened, unwrapped from depths;
All hearts were remapped.
by Donna JT Smith, 2017

Time passes on. I savor each precious moment spent with Sierra.  

Although I am late with this writing, I will  Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres and slice with Two Writing Teachers.

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