Thursday, July 6, 2017

Spreading Poetry Love

As the host of Poetry Friday, 
I am here to spread the joy of creating! Let's begin!

While spring has moved on, I am finally ready to unveil the beauty of springtime through a gallery of artistic expressions, Springsations. The garden is full with vibrant hues from a vast array of spring blossoms, sounds, and images. Many Poetry Friday poets have contributed to making this gallery a rich experience. When you visit the gallery, you will be guided through a museum garden in full blossom.  Stay tuned for further announcements. I will add the link to Springsations to this post after the gallery is unveiled.

In the meantime, did you know that it is 
National Fried Chicken Day?

Decades ago when fried chicken was the box lunch favorite I created a feast fit for an 8th grade auction. It was complete with chocolate cake. It was a: 
Sizzling, crispy chicken feast
calorie counter, messy beast.
But yummy for the 8th grade boy who won it.!

It is also International Kissing Day. I found an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem for a read aloud.

Lastly, I have a Special  Announcement 
for Poetry Friday writers: 

July 14th is National Macaroni and Cheese Day. The Poetry Friday Roundup will be at The Opposite of Indifference and in honor of the event Tabatha Yeatts will have an optional Mac-N-Cheese theme!

Now, it is time to start the Roundup. I am looking forward to visiting all the writers' blogs to read what is cooking on this summer night. 

"Springsations" is Finally Finished. You can view the lush gallery of artistic expressions that celebrates Spring here

If you go to the hashtag, #Springsations, on Twitter, you will find some of the offerings. Poets please upload your digitals to #Springsations so that the Twitter community can see your springtime tributes. 

There are 88 contributors to Springsations and many more digitals compositions26 contributors are Poetry Friday writers:

Adding in Mandy Robek

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