Friday, July 7, 2017

Springsations Gallery Unveiled

Designed by Carol Varsalona
featuring a Community of Reflective Writers

Each year, Spring arrives of its own accord,
renewing the world as it bursts forth
with color and joy!

The sun just touched the morning;
The morning, happy thing,
Supposed that he had come to dwell,
And life would be all spring.
-Emily Dickinson

I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. 
The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, 
the sun was almost bright. 
Millard Kaufman, Bowl of Cherries

Ah! The signs of spring have been wonderfully visible this season:
Terje Akke discovered Estonia adorned in springtime bloom

Kumud Ajmani found clarity as sunset closed day in Ohio

Join me in taking a contemplative gallery walk through nature that is richly showcased in digital inspirations and music.

Begin by listening to R. Clayderman's, 
Hello Spring.

Admire the lush greens and vibrant techno-colors of nature's loving handiwork adorned in each digital inspiration.

Westbury Gardens, Long Island

Kent Kristensen
Landscapes have a language of their own, expressing the soul of the things, lofty or humble, which constitute them, from the mighty peaks

Jerry Toups, New Jersey

to the smallest of the tiny flowers hidden in the meadow grass. -Author unknown

Let the majesty of nature awaken your soul
and heart center.

Listen to the calming sounds of 

Joyful Spring by Giovanni Marradi.

Let your joy burst forth like the vibrant 

flowers of spring!

Ramona Behnke, Washington
Terje Akke, Estonia
Like a flower, just opened,
hiding secrets
in my heart,
I have room to bloom,
to stretch and expand
into sunshine,
one petal at a time.
No rush, no hurry,
nothing to prove.
I am each petal,
each leaf,
the stem,
and the roots,
holding deep and sure.
I am time itself,
measured in thoughts
and raindrops.
Brenda Harsham, 2017

Flowers can't solve all problems,

but they're a great start.
-Country Living

Irish daffodils greet the morning!

Rain is grace;

rain is the sky descending to the earth;

without rain, there would be no life.
-John Updike

Fishing on the dock after the rain in Ogdensburg, NY-submitted by Chris Carmen

Nature has a language of its own.

-Alexandra David-Neel

Take a photo tour of springtime

around the globe.

Estonia by Terje Akke

Norway by Gail Boddy

Ireland by Delia Garrity

Hawaii by Kimberly Hays

Colorado by Linda Baie
Craig Zabransky

Nature is the perfect backdrop

for inspiration.

The beach, ocean, or other water bodies

are places of peace or adventure

when springtime arrives.

 under pillowed sky
beachfront lives tuck soft-toed dreams-
swooshing waves sweep shore
balancing springtime's longing-
possibilities in sand
©CV, 2017

Trees are poems the earth

writes upon the sky...

Kahil Gibran

Jerry Toups, New Jersey

Spring allows us to see the world

through different lenses.

Through Art
Elizabeth Druart, HS Student
Michelle Kogan

Through Children's Eyes

Through Humor

Through #StuVoice

Through Video Poetry

View Kevin's video poem here.
View CV's video poem here.

Through Writing

Promise and peace are offered each 

springtime sunrise and sunset.

Morning has broken - Kent Kristensen
Laura Purdi Salas, Minnesota

Springtime is the season for

spring cleaning and renewal.

Springtime has been the topic of many songs

throughout the ages.

Listen to the following original composition

by@PSAcreates here.

Pete Seeger's song was inspiration

for a poem.

Kay McGriff

Spring brings awareness of Earth's riches.

We are the stewards of the Earth.

Listen to What Have They Done To The Rain

Joan Baez described Malvina Reynold's song as a song that "protests rather gently." It is one of the earliest--and one of the few--songs concerned with the issues of environmentalism and pollution. -Song Review by William Ruhlmann

Young Poets' Corner

Deb Shackell's First Grade Student, Canada
Christie Wyman's Kindergarten Class

Let us all remember Rumi's thoughts:

Be Silent Now-

Let yourself become living poetry!

With grateful appreciation,

I thank all those who contributed to

this lush gallery of springtime beauty.


In closing the gallery walk of Springsations, 

let us remember:

 "Three things remain with us from paradise, 

stars, flowers and children."
-Dante Alighieri

Terje Akke

You can visit the following galleries that

integrate the arts, technology, and poetry

by clicking on the individual titles.






Thank you for perusing Springsations.

Please return at the end of a sunkissed

summer for a new gallery that showcases

nature in its finest light. 


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