Saturday, July 22, 2017

Celebrate Summer 2017

It's here. The heat index is rising, the sunshine glaring, and summer fun is in full force. What is it about summer that lights up people's faces as bright as 4th of July fireworks or makes us want to chase fireflies, summertime's nighttime fairies? 

Summer is time to celebrate lazy, hazy days, time to relax 
and remember the old-fashioned fun of childhood.

This morning, I linger over a memory of cotton candy and salted potatoes-Firemen Field Day awaited treats. I remember the aroma of a neighbor's kitchen that filled the entrance with sweetness of fresh-baked peach and strawberry rhubarb pies. Ice cream treats were sought after and neighborhood children played in streets devising imaginative games to pass time. Air conditioning was not part of childhood summer days but life was enjoyable. Summer meant kicking off shoes and wiggling toes in the grass. There were no beaches or lakes near by but the hose and sprinklers provided a cooling experience. Summer was full of surprises each day.

Now switch to today when air conditioning is a must, playtime is scheduled, and cars are a necessity in suburbia. Life is more hectic but can be filled with old-fashioned, unplugged family fun. Instead of watching a screen, observe nature. Museums, parks, and libraries are readily available to explore. Slow life down, become fully engaged and aware of your surroundings. This type of thinking will bring inspiration to ordinary moments. 

During the week, I took my own advice when I planned a family outing to the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) in the afternoon to miss the noon day sun. After a stroll and lunch in Little Italy in the Bronx, we arrived at NYBG but the heat index was still hot. In order to save energy for the touring experience and to continue to be unplugged, we took a tram ride throughout the park. As we listened to the rich information, the Chihuly installations of magnificent glass structures jutted out from gardens and reflecting pools. A calm peace surrounded the grounds as art met nature and inspiration was sparked. The only hint of an electronic device was the click of the iPhone cameras. I left the gardens replenished by nature.

I walked away with an intent to fully celebrate Summer 2017. Through a lens of wonder, inspired light will enter my space. From a new vantage point, I will capture the joy of sunkissed moments and deliver them to the digital page.

Are you ready to join me? 
Let's celebrate summer together
and capture the joyous moments of summer.
See my invitation to a #Sunkissed Summer experience here.

Jone MacCulloch and Heidi Mordhorst sent these picturesque image poems to start my day with wonder. 

Photography tip: 
For my galleries, resize your photos to 450 pixels so that both the image and the writing pop.

I Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres and her writing community.

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