Monday, July 3, 2017

Celebrate Creative Moments

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” 
Jack London

How many times have you been in the zone, ignited the creative spark, and watched the flame flicker and grow stronger? These creative moments are triggered by curiosity and passion. Perseverance pushes the wonderer to discover the magic that causes a flame to burn bright. 

This week was full of creative magic. I watched creative sparks explode as a group of graduate students unleashed their creativity during an ELA Summer Institute at Molloy College.

Images credited to Kent Kristensen (L) and Elizabeth Sherwooed (R)

You can view the Google Slide presentation created by the graduate students here.

Norms and protocols set the stage for an intensive four-day program that focused on the power of writing in a variety of forms to engage learners. 
Teachers who teach writing must be writers was the focal thought. 
With zest for creation, the group collaborated, designed, reflected, and shared authentic work. A slide presentation, Unleashing Creativity: Finding Our Voice, was the  result of concentrated effort to blend art, digital mediums, and technology with poetry. The end product was a thoughtful and vibrant  example of journeying through a process. 

The excitement felt throughout the institute sparked my creative juices, as well. I was inspired by the educators to write and bake, two passions of mind. 

Finding your voice is a vital part of life's journey. To be real one must discover whom he/she is. When voice is found, it is as shiny as a new penny. Then, the real magic of writing with voice begins. Modeling the process for learners is the next step. 

Happy Fourth of July from Long Island, NY to your locale!

Photographed by CVarsalona at Nassau County’s 14th annual Fourth of July fireworks at Eisenhower Park, Long Island. 

I'm celebrating with Ruth Ayres at Celebrate This Week.

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