Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Celebrate a Marshmallow World

The #firstsnow lit up the Twitter feeds as a trending topic of the day. Meteorologist reports were constant as the weather pattern inched northwards. Long Island braced itself for its first snowstorm. 

Then, it started slowly as a chain of little white fairies dancing to earth. Gaining momentum, gentle drops moved from a slow entrance to a steady stream, falling gracefully onto the earth. The first snow invited me to step outside to wonder about the late-autumn weather pattern. 

When I woke the next morning, I was invited to the marshmallow world snow party. What you see above was just the start of the first snowfall. The scene below was taken at another time. Mesmerizing, white puffs hung from bushes and snow festively decorated branches like white icing on a cake. Crunchy golden and browned-edged leaves, peeked out here and there to announce that autumn did not take its exit but Nature had other plans. Being bored of fiery colors, it switched its palette to cool tones, creating a winter-like season.

I was impressed by the quick switch and started listening to Dean Martin's song, "It's a Marshmallow World". You may be interested in listening, too.

In the aftermath of the first snow, when Long Island settled down to the reality of a non-snowblower day, I wrote a #haikuforhealing. My poet friend, Mary Lee Hahn, started this December poetry project last year.

I am adding one more #haikuforhealing on the first snow from my poet friend, Catherine Flynn. There is no photo but I can easily imagine the beauty of a Connecticut snowy day.

While I am late to sign into Two Writing Teacher's Slice of Life and Celebrate This Week by Ruth Ayres, I would still like to offer my remembrance of this December's Long Island #1stsnow with hopes that I will have time to continue to design my Autumn Ablaze Gallery before the official start of winter.


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