Friday, December 22, 2017

O Autumn

O Autumn, Autumn! O pensive light
and wistful sound!
Gold-haunted sky, green-haunted ground!...
-Effie Lee Newsome
You can read the rest of the poem here

While yesterday was the Winter Solstice and the first day of winter, I am still celebrating autumn. To mark the occasion, I unveiled my Autumn Ablaze Gallery on social media yesterday. You can access it here.  

With vibrant, harvest colors, the global gallery showcases the brilliancy of the 2017  autumn season. Thanks to the Poetry Friday community and other writers, photographers, artists, and student voices, the gallery is full of artistic expressions. Here is a sampling of what you can see at Autumn Ablaze Gallery.

Special Thanks To:
Janet Wong for gathering new poetic voices to the gallery.

Now, I am heading over to Buffy's Blog where Buffy Silverman is hosting a Merry Happy Poetry Friday!

Happy Holidays to ALL!

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