Thursday, December 7, 2017

2017 One Little Word Reflection

December is always a good time to step back and 
reflect on my one word journey. 

Questions I Pose:
Did I create a fluid journey story centered on my one little word? 
Were there opportunities to grow as a life learner? 
Did I meet my goals? 

2017 One Word Journey:
My story grew from one word, joy. This word guided me throughout the year. Sometimes it appeared in obvious ways. Other times, it eluded me. Sometimes, I felt like I could soar like an eagle. At times, I felt depleted and joy was snatched from my hands. Within every story, there are conflicts. Solutions need to be found to bring closure to a story and so it was with my one word journey.

My 2017 Creed
With a genuine spirit of wonderlust, I shall notice and wonder more about the ordinary, the commonplace, and the small things in life, seek joy daily, and share thoughts and feelings on positivity. By searching for joy, I hope to send it out into the world as a reminder that a "joyful heart is good medicine..." (Proverbs 17:22)

Quick Reflection:
2017 was a year of sparkling joy. I savored the ordinary as an opportunity to notice and wonder more deeply. As a new "Grandma", I found sparkling joy emanating from the smile of my beautiful grandbaby, Sierra Kathryn. I enjoyed a year of learning, loving, and gratitude, yet, I have reflective thoughts at the end of the 2017 journey. I will take one long, last look at my one word, joy, and my 2017 creed to see if I met my goals.

Goals Met Checklist:
  I noticed and wondered more about the ordinary, the commonplace, and the small things in life.
   I shared thoughts and feelings on positivity in my blogs. 
   I searched for and enjoyed joyful happenings. 

Perhaps on some days, I forgot about my one word, joy, and how a joyful heart is good medicine for when nagging troubles overshadow positivity.

Life Hacks to Overcome the Stumbling Blocks that Line the Path When Life Seems Challenging:
   Reflact, reflect with action. 
 Read positive thinking articles, such as The Science Behind the Joy of Sharing Joy, by Emma M. Seppala Ph.D. to promote a spirit of joyful living.
  Share  joy to increase joy (from E. Seppala's article). 
✓  Spread positivity daily.

"At every moment of our life we have an opportunity to choose joy."
-Henry J. M. Nouwen

I choose joy and hope you do, too! 

It's Spiritual Journey 1st Thursday at my friend, Irene Latham's blog so I am heading over there to read my colleagues' one word reflections.

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