Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Spirit

It happens every December. The holidays creep up. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas leaves my house in a state of cluttered transition. What do I do to get organized? I stress over what comes first then, go into action mode but this year there is an added feature to the month of December. I am still under construction. 

Steps to bring the holiday spirit to life amidst clutter:

Day 1
-Frantically pile Thanksgiving on the table in an attempt to organize the items for packaging up.
-Give up on that attempt and pile the decorations in a box for storage. 
-Wrap the presents for the Giving the Tree at church.
-Take down (from the attic) the outdoor Christmas decorations because the sun is shining and there is a small window of time to prepare before the temperature drops.
-Try to balance decorating for Christmas outside with clearing Thanksgiving inside.
-Remember to be grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the holidays.

Day 2
-Wake up early since I dreamt about my dilemma during the night.
-Try to laugh and remember that my one word for 2017 is joy.
-Write this blogpost for Two Writing Teachers because writing helps me sort
my thoughts and lets peace and happiness flow.
-Drink my tea, smile, and begin the day anew. 

Wish me luck in getting everything ready!
My wish for all:
Take the time to fill your heart with quiet joy this holiday season!

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