Thursday, June 7, 2018

Anticipating Summertime

There is so much to love about summertime on Long Island's south shore
You can stroll on the boardwalk, observe the happenings, 
and follow up with a relaxing afternoon at the Atlantic Ocean shore. 

If you are not a beachgoer, you can find solace in the arboretums and botanical gardens. The myriad of town and county pools are filled with families enjoying the sun, swimmers practicing their skills, and various social outings. There are endless opportunities to embrace outdoor living and find the easy calm of a Long Island summer. The be as you are, relaxed pace of sweet summer living is an important feature of life here. 

Years ago when I first arrived on Long Island, I learned quickly never to tire of summer living. I was then and still am intrigued by the endless passion of the sea and the inviting nature of its beaches. On grey or rainy days, I often visualize the beach to create a virtual experience for at the beach calm pervades. 

As a beach lover, I understand the ocean's appeal and positive effects on the psychological and physical aspects of life. Much has been written on this topic. The ocean is like a medicinal herb offering healing. There is relaxed feeling at the beach when the weather is warm. Cares seem to slip away and stress reduced. People are more present "in the moment" when at the beach. The to-do list slips away.  You can get your daily dose of Vitamin D at the beach and sleep better at night. For me, I can remove myself from the hectic pace of life and feel re-energized when staring into the ocean's waters. There is joy at the beach.

calmness beachside
once removed, rises inside
like rushing waves
©CVarsalona, 2018, Long Beach, NY

#The beach is a sacred sanctuary for humans and oceans."
The above quote is from Surfer Today.

"Calm is trust in action. Only trust, perfect trust can keep one calm."
God Calling by A.J. Russell

I am anticipating summer here on Long Island and the next time I visit the beach, I will ponder the beauty of summertime at the hands of the Supreme Creator.

Margaret Simon is the host of Spiritual Journey first Thursday this week. She chose "summer" as the writing prompt topic. 

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