Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Off We Go

Sunshine spread across the sky and all was still. The last bag was packed and stored in the Jeep. With a prayer for safety and a look at Google Photos, we headed to the highway, hoping for light traffic. Luckily, we whizzed along the Belt Parkway in record time. Staten Island, New Jersey, and Delaware passed on by. Our destination was in sight until we spotted an accident. Traffic slowed down-just when we were making time.

The sky turned an ominous shade of grey and sprinkles bubbled up on our windshield. To add to the unexpected, we were rerouted to Washington, D.C. in the middle of rush hour. Another accident, rain, traffic, and tension followed. Our GPS led us onward, turn after turn until we arrived in Reston, Virginia.

The home was quiet. We started to unpack and then, the garage door opened. Our little grandbaby entered with my daughter. All the uneasiness of the trip melted away from the radiance of our precious little one-year old's smile. The journey to the destination was worth the time we spent trying to arrive. 

Happy Birthday to our One-Year-Old!

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