Saturday, June 16, 2018

Celebrating Sunshine

When the sun peeks its golden head out from a grey sky, I, like many others, rush outside to catch the warming rays that fortify my body with natural Vitamin D. Not only does my body benefit from the sunshine but so do my mind and spirit. So just what did I do when the weather changed from rainy and damp to sunshiny days and warm temperatures? I:

  • Finished my herb garden in between the rainy days. 
  • Took walks around the neighborhood.
  • Ate lunch on my patio and popped outside just to sit and feel the warmth on my body. 
The best day of the week was yesterday. My husband and I traveled to the north shore of Long Island to see the musical, Singing in the Rain. Because of traffic, we missed the special luncheon at the restaurant but we were able to get a seat overlooking the water for an early dinner. While we sat and enjoyed the food, I stared at the ripples in the water. They were so soothing and then, a solitary duck slowly glided across the pond adding to the pleasure of the sight. The afternoon was filled with a sense of peace. 

By the time we arrived in Northport, the harbor was hopping with many people. The sun was casting a beautiful glow across the harbor. Some people were strolling along the marina pathway, others were sitting on the park benches just staring out at the sunshine being reflecting across the water. 

Dusk made its entrance and the warm breeze continued. This made for a delightful stroll to the 90-year-old ice cream parlor featuring homemade ice cream. 

The afternoon was filled with many memories that I was able to capture with my iPhone and digital tools. The musical, Singing in the Rain, topped off the day with warm romance and sprinkles from the rain that showered the stage. Being in the third row, I felt a sprinkle or two but that was a delightful surprise. 

I am celebrating the sunshine that nature offers and the brilliance that a little baby's smile brings. My sweet Sierra is one year's old today. Her smile and photos that were sent out from San Francisco where she is with her Mommy and Daddy on a business trip, lit up my screen. While waiting for a Google Hangout call, I created a birthday card to send out. 

So now when the grey sky and the rain dampens a day, I will remember these past spring days that were filled with real and virtual sunshine. I will put a smile on my face and just sing in the rain. 


I am joining Ruth Ayres for Celebrate This Week at her blog site, Ruth Ayres Writes. Ruth ends her post with " I am so grateful for the chance to reset and remember the things that matter most." What a beautiful thought! Reset and remember is something that I will take away with me this week. 

Some of the digital art that I created will be included in my Sense-sational Spring Gallery. 

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