Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nature's Fashion Statement

Mother Nature, the trendy diva that she is, never fails to make a bold fashion statement. Whether she is dressed in brilliant, verdant green or muted greys, she confidently dashes across the states calling attention to her stylish spring looks.

Nature dresses in verdant colors
Fashioned for life's festivities-
Colorful, chic, and in vogue,
Runway designs for show.
Sprightly springing, spring
Steps in bold style
©CVarsalona, 2018

I have been admiring the new poetic forms that are popping up on Poetry Friday blogs and decided that this week, I would try a new form, the nonet, a nine line poem that has 9 syllables in the first line and moves down to one syllable by the last line. I often ponder a new form for days trying to word weave in my head, like I am playing a mental game. Then, I capture my notes and fashion them into a poem. 

Since fashion is on my mind these days, what with the new flowing florals and lacey tops, I envisioned Mother Nature dressed for spring in the photos I took. The one above was digitized with Waterlogue and the one below was a splendid backdrop for my iPhonography photos. While spring comes in spurts, I was happy to capture this one below while visiting my grandbaby in Virginia.

I'm gathering digital offerings like the ones above for my spring gallery, Sense-sational Spring, this week.

Now off to catch the seed storm photos and poetry at Buffy Silverman's spring-filled blog that you can access here. Buffy is hosting Poetry Friday this week.

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