Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I 💗New York in Autumn

Autumnal colors rock the runway this season. Color trends as noted by are "a mix  of deep, creamy yellows like Butterscotch and Dark Cheddar, along with soft, nutty browns like Sugar Almond and Hazel." Yesterday, after hours of dark gloomy rain that poured down incessantly, I noticed how beautiful the streets looked with their vibrant colors left on the trees. Streets were strewn with beautifully-colored wet leaves. 

My neighborhood was decorated in autumnal shades that were as brilliant as the clothing lines that are in the stores.  The "it-orange of the season, Orange Tiger" was blazing bright and the trees donned a shade of deep brown like colors on the runway, Rocky Road and Chicory Coffee. Long Island Autumn, trending the colors of the season, is surely dressed to walk the New York City runway.


The above image poem has been digitized to present a bold colorization of foliage in New York State. It is not a photo of my neighborhood.  It originated as a scene photographed while traveling from Long Island to Central New York, then used for the Inktober 2019 day 27 challenge with the word coat as the prompt. 

Perhaps you will join me in singing along with the I Love New York radio ad song, circa 1977-1980 and understand why I, as a New Yorker, am proud of my state.

Now for another favorite site of mine: Two Writing Teachers that brings us the Slice of Life Tuesday weekly. 


  1. Autumn truly is a beautiful time of the year. Although we are past our peak here, One of the most beautiful sights was sitting at our table and seeing the sun shine on the orange leaves in our neighbor's yard. Wish I would have taken a picture.

    1. Wish you would have take a photo, too. Today after the rainstorm, my husband and I were doing errands and came across a gorgeous array of multi-colored trees around the lake. Since we were driving, I could not capture that scene.

  2. I love all the names of the colors in this slice. Autumn really is gorgeous - worth all the delicious descriptions!

    1. I agree about the color names that are trending this season. I have been so excited to witness autumn at its finest, even during the rainstorms this week, Amanda. Thanks for joining me.