Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Mother's Day to Remember

"Grandma, I love you." A sweet little voice exuberantly greeted me when I popped on a Zoom call. What a touching moment, spontaneously given the day before Mother's Day.  After the call, I reflected on past Mother's Day when my family gathered together and went to church, my mother and I standing at the end of Mass to receive a Mother's Day blessing. 

This year a new normal way of life surrounds Mother's Day. Church bells ring from an empty cathedral and we gather together to view a telecast Mass in our home. The unfamiliar pairs with the familiar-traditional love greetings, flowers, and card, a most welcomed sight from my husband and son.  Yet, we were alone and no sun in sight.

It just so happened that the sun decided to flood the sky with light. It was time for a walk so we sent a text to our friends.  A new idea sprung from the text. We decided to meet later in the afternoon for an outdoor, social distancing gathering.  Masked, we traveled to the other side of town with a tray of homemade cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, and salad. Five of us sat in the sun at a proper distance away eating, laughing, and enjoying a few hours outdoors. It was a spontaneous act of friendship that turned a day into a memorable event.

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  1. Your experience is like so many other spontaneous moments of joy that seem to be happening during this dark period. When we are really pushed, suddenly there's a break-through; a little voice is telling us it doesn't have to be this bad/sad. And we come up with a new idea!Today a few neighbors including my family sat in our neighbors' driveway for an hour to socialize (at the proper distance) and celebrate of their new arrival: an adopted baby boy! My daughter brought over a box of sunflower seedlings she had started for the "older brother" (who is 4) so he would feel special, too. Life is full of surprises!

  2. Nothing is better than the sweet declaration of love from Sienna. Glad you had some time with friends. Chocolate covered strawberries, yum!

  3. So many people are finding ways to safely interact with others. Adding treats adds a sense of normalcy. The sun smiled down on your gathering.

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