Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Art of Words-#PoetryPepUp

Come join me for Aussie poet, Kat Apel's #PoetryPepUp, Day 1, The Art of Words. While I missed the Zoom meeting tonight because of the time difference, I did create a Zentangle poem. You can too by following Kat's explicit instructions. It's fun to express your creativity through the blending of art and literacy. Ready? Start by linking to Kat's blog  here and Day 1's post here.

While I am familiar with blackout poetry, I am a novice with zentangles. The zentangle poem is a form of found poetry using repetitive lines (zentagles) to frame your poem. It is an endeavor in creative play.

I started with a page from a very old book. There is no copyright date in the book but I am guessing that the book is probably from around the turn of the 19th Century by the way it is bound and the color imprint on the cover. I made a copy of the page and started my drawing. You can barely see the words I boxed because the book is so old but you can read the poem I created using the boxed words below. 

Zentangle Poem
fragrant messages bloom
in the midst of grass.
Sunbeams filter through foliage,
mellow and golden-
rare dignity,
©CVarsalona, 2020

You can join this free week of online poetry challenge led by Central Queensland author and educator Kathryn Apel starting June 1st. Kat is hoping to build our writing muscle and spark creativity. It's pure fun. 


  1. Ooh. Thank-you for the lovely shout-out, Carol. I love that you've captured the month so well. And I what a treasure of a book to go on a poem hunt in. I used my hubby's Meat & Livestock magazine - yet still managed to find a meaningful poem. So sorry you missed our chat this morning - but glad that you're joining in with the pep up! Hoping your day has brought fragrant golden moments of rare dignity.

    1. Thank you for offering such a wonderfully fun experience this week, Kat. I received the transcript from Trudie and will listen this morning as I prepare for my grad class. I am going to include your Day 1 exercise in my presentation to the students. It's a prompt to spark creativity. This line "Hoping your day has brought fragrant golden moments of rare dignity," is a lovely summation of my found poem. I am going to use this in my course as an example of a glow comment response. Thank you.