Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Remembering Family Traditions

While this past Memorial Day was not the usual type of celebration, traditions were honored in a memorable way. It all started over the weekend. Honking sirens in our neighborhood is not a usual sound unless there is an emergency. When we heard them blaring for an extended time this past weekend we were alarmed but then, a stream of trucks, socially distancing, paraded down our street. Families exited their house clapping, waving, and smiling at the first responders who brought an old-fashioned tradition to our neighborhood. Masks and socially distancing are part of today's quarantine life so random acts of kindness are appreciated.

#StrongerTogether is an inspired mantra for what we witnessed.

Inside the house, traditions were also honored. My mother's American holiday doll from the 1940s and my antique postcards are always visible inside the house and festive homemade baked goods are available on the patio for Memorial Day and 4th of July. Since baking is part of the #quarentainment fun these days, I tried out a family recipe, Yum Yum cake, from my slicer friend, Ramona Behnke. It dates back to her mother's baking days in Oklahoma. When she moved to Texas, it came with her but it was called Texas sheet cake there. Now in the state of Washington, Ramona bakes this cake for family and church gatherings. She graciously offered the recipe to me. The delicious old-fashioned cake made with buttermilk and cocoa was a "hit".
Step 1: To honor Ramona's mother and her recipe, I took a photo of my display, created a poem to celebrate the holiday, and sent it via an email to Ramona in Seattle.
a day to recall
past and present traditions
capturing memories
wrapped in frosting and stars
CV, 2020

Step 2: I designed an image poem for social media.
This year the Day of Remembrance was filled with traditions once again.
I wonder if masks and socially distancing will be part of our lives for another year.
At any rate, let' continue to honor fallen American war heroes and be proud of their service.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers
I am heading over their now with this little slice of life from the Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Ramona wrote about the cake recently. It was interesting to see the cake on your blog. I like the image of memories wrapped in frosting and stars.

    1. Ramona did share the cake at her blog and I asked her for the recipe. She promptly send it in time for the weekend. 1/2 the cake is sitting in my freezer because my little granddaughter asked that I bring cake to her when I see her next.

  2. I think that it is wonderful to see that traditions continue even though their format might be changed to fit these unique circumstances. We baked some brownies for the holiday to top off our traditional ham dinner.

    1. Brownies and ham-yum! I've always loved the word yum so when I heard the title Yum Yum cake, I knew I had to make that.

  3. Such a loving tribute to memory and tradition, Carol ... wrapped in frosting and stars, indeed. A celebration of all that is good and the better side of humanity, always putting one another first. The cake looks delectable! My family (from NC and VA) made Texas sheet cake often when I was a child and at sight of your photo I can taste that melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-iness even now ... plus the sweet soft chunks of pecan. Maybe I need to make one myself...

    1. Fran, Ramona gave me the option of using pecans or walnuts. I chose the walnuts but I will add pecans next time. I also think I will make the frosting thicker because I do love chocolate icing.