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Finding Fall Gallery is Here with Holiday Cheer!

to receive each beautifully rendered image 
that has been carefully woven into a tapestry of golden hues in the Finding Fall Gallery.

Introductory Remarks:
During the season of autumn a variety of reflective writers joined me to paint a vivid canvas of autumnal majesty. Prepare yourself to be immersed in the gifts of the fall season. 

Hear the sounds of leaves rustling. 
View the turning of the trees in the north. 
Watch the season burst into golden days in the south. 
Find fall in the West and as far away as Luxembourg. 

It is with great pleasure that I unveil an artistic collection of poetry prompted by the images of glorious fall scenes. Depending upon locale, each original poem and photo have been creatively combined to present different perspectives on the season of autumn. 

Take a tour around the globe to find fall as it unfolded from September to mid-December. See the trickster that Mother Nature was in late fall when with a flick of a hand the bounty of early autumn was mixed with shocking white hues. 

To highlight the uniqueness of each selection, the poem and photo combinations were stylized with various photo editing tools. 

As you enter the gallery,

Reflect on the majesty of the season.
Allow the exhibit to fill your spirit
and awaken your senses.
Find fall through each each writer's perspective. 

September was a stunning entry point in which summer turned into fall with earthy amber tones depicting the abundant harvest. On Long Island, the beach remained in summer mode while parks filled with woodland appeal allowed for reflective walks. Contrasts were everywhere and abundance was the norm. As the 19th Century poet, Helen Hunt Jackson stated in her poem, September:

 "...September days are here.
                                                                With summer's best of weather,
                                                                And autumn's best of cheer."

Listen to September Song  by Willie Nelson

Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself. - Paramahansa Yogananda

View the Brilliance of Autumn  in Music and Poetry

In the visuals below, various authors offer their thoughts on the grandeur of autumn displays that burst with the color red. You will enjoy listening to Autumn Forest while reading the poems. 

Autumn in Luxembourg (Europe) 2014 by Gust MEES

Recall those blustery October days that may have sidewalks strewn with the flutterings of nature. 

Short video about October days in Hempstead Lake Park, Rockville Centre, Long Island

Creating fall displays from autumn's bounty is a delightful way to "find fall". 

When the sun's blush warms Indian Summer days, gratitude should be in your heart

and obstacles cleared.

October 31st brings merriment and enjoyment to the fall season. Words, like spooky and scary, pop up everywhere to keep spirits high.

Ghastly, ghostly, beastly day,
Dreary, dark, I'm known to say
Let the children come out to play.
Dressed in tattered, ragged garb,
Regal, glittering, spookily scarred
Off to search for trick or treat
But don't forget to meet and greet!

©Carol Varsalona. All rights reserved.

This season, November brought a mix of strange weather conditions to my locale and in other parts of the country, showing that fall has many looks.

by Kielan, 5th grade student from Margaret Simon's Class

As Thanksgiving neared, thankfulness was in abundance. Connected colleagues gave thanks for all that nature and life have to give. 

In a hurried world
take time to step back.
Reflect on what is
in front of you.
Be grateful for
natural beauty

Early autumn snow provided by Mother Nature herself, the original trickster, caused many to be left bewildered by the phenomenon. While some enjoyed the fall white shadings, others found it strange. After reading these poems you may have a different perspective than what you started with. 

Adapted from image

Some musings dig deep beyond the season's landscapes.

Created for Connected Colleagues

It is my hope that this collection has allowed you to see autumn through a new lens. 

I am deeply grateful to the REFLECT WITH ME writers who added their creativity and poetic words to this collection. 

Please refer to the following galleries to see the previous REFLECT WITH ME collections:

Now please stroll over to the Poetry Friday Roundup at Reading, Teaching, Learning where my Twitter friend and writing colleague, Holly Mueller, is the hostess. 

Some of the Poetry Friday writers are included in the Finding Fall Gallery. I thank them for their support of the various collections I have offered for public viewing. 

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