Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Sneak Peek of March's Slice of Life Series

March is here once again and I hope the groundhog's prediction is correct. It wasn't just one groundhog but many in the Eastern section of the USA that announced spring will be early? 

Each March, I participate in the Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge by Two Writing Teachers. This marks the 17th year that the writing challenge has been in existence. The challenge provides slicers from around the globe the space to reflect, write, and meet up with colleagues. Find out more about this fun-filled daily challenge during March here.
Time to Write

take a peek
at what will be
during March's
slice of life spree

each writer will
pen a post
stretching words
that can evoke

successes, or

I am ready
to share my theme -
come back next week
you'll see more memes
©CVarsalona, 2024

As Baby Lila is almost ready to embark on her first crawl, I crawled into a writing moment with this sneak preview poem for the February 27, 2029, 17th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.

Happy Slicing to my Slicer friends and thank you to my readers for your support and comments.


  1. Getting ready with a poem is a sign that your creative juices are running strong and you are well prepared for whatever comes. I am curious about your theme.

    1. Terje, time passes so quickly that I can hardly catch up. I look forward to reading your blog posts during the March Slice of Life series. I am now starting my Slice for today, March 1st.

  2. Carol, love your poem...a touch of mystery as to what is to come...things your readers can expect...excitement of what the day's writing will invitation to come back and see the joys you will be sharing. See you on Friday. Bob

    1. Bob, yes, I will be there on Friday. 1st day preparations and deadlines stack the deck. If only I could shack this lingering cough and sleep through a night I might have more energy to have fun. LOL!

  3. Love this and look forward to reading you all month!

    1. I am not sure who Anonymous is but thank you for stopping by. It is March 1st and I am writing my blog post as I type. Multitasking is not good for me but life goes on anyway.

  4. Carol, another grandchild. You are so fortunate. Nice poem.

    1. This third grandgirl is calm and has remarkable blue eyes, I feel blessed with 3 grandgirls, Gail.