Friday, January 10, 2014

Using One Little Word to Guide My Path

One little word is all that is needed to begin a cycle of personal and professional growth for the year 2014. If you have been following my blog posts lately, I have spent time pondering a pathway for this year. While reading what other bloggers are saying about their journeys, I found a different perspective on the topic of New Year resolutions. Started by the Two Writing Teachers, their quest for renewal is centered around two thoughtful questions, "Which word will you live this year? Which word will you invite into your life?" Both of these posing thoughts on one little word (OLW) allow for a reflective course of action. While it might be difficult to commit to a year's journey, the creation of an overarching theme to invite change into life is intriguing. Reading the OLW blogs and comments posted set my thoughts in motion.

What would be my one little word? A week ago, the word resolute resonated with me. While still resolute to create spaces to grow as a learner, I thought might there be another word that could capture the essence of my journey. It was during yoga practice, as the teacher guided us through a series of steps to open spaces in the body, awareness came upon me. As arms were outstretched and the body placed in a twist, a newness of space was felt. While a physical release was felt, a spiritual one was sought. How could I find balance in body, mind, and spirit? Concentration and practice would be my guides. 

Thinking back on last night's experience, I realized that the word I was seeking found me. Openness will be the one little word that I will invite into my life. It will be a canopy I try to reach as I walk on solid ground; a connector on my journey; the enticer to find possibilities in life by shifting, reflecting, redesigning, and renewing my course of action. What better word could I find as I am resolute to create spaces for growth as a learner?

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