Thursday, January 30, 2014

With a Pocketful of Hope In Search of Awareness-Nerdlution, Round Two

Round 2 of Nerdlution has surfaced as a reminder that January's nerdlutions are ready to turn into February's realities. Sometime during this month, I read that January is the month for dreamers, while February is the month for doers. As a newbie nerdlutioner, I started my journey with one word, resolute. This led to another word, openness. I was resolute in my intent to create spaces to grow as a learner. With my new Fitbit, I tracked my time exercising. During those active moments, I pondered life and next steps on life's journey. Thoughts swirled around in my head while exercising and subsequently grew into blogs and PowerPoints for educational trainings. With this energy, tweets increased and new learning occurred through various links. 

In the spirit of continuing to grow as a learner, I decided it was time to stretch myself beyond the comfort zone. Watching the mini-series, Klondike, provided a new thought to use during the next challenge"With a pocketful of hope," I am resolute to stretch both mind and body to find new spaces and connections. Not until tonight at yoga practice, did I find the perfect words to round off my nerdlution quest.  The gentle voice of the yoga teacher, released three little words that floated in air as gifts to me. I heard stretch, stillness, awareness and knew that my next fifty days would be spent stretching and opening spaces in body and mind to find the stillness that will lead to awareness. With awareness, I will be more open to new learning and perhaps change, continuing to grow as a learner. 

If I can remain purposeful in my intent, I will become a faithful yogi, using body, mind, and spirit to continue on my journey. Lifelong learning is a process and awareness will be my one little word, one step on the path leading to insight, discernment, and continued learning. With a pocketful of hope I can become one of the 8% of Americans who achieves her New Year's resolutions. As with Round 1 of the original nerdlution,I will follow these tips from an article I read by Dr. Bufka. 
  • Start small-Another fifty days is doable
  • Change one behavior at a time-Continue to exercise and record my steps with the Fitbit; reflect while exercising, but linger in the stillness to find awareness
  • Talk about it-Share my thoughts through blogging and tweeting
  • Don't beat yourself up-Remember that I am not attempting perfection, only trying to find a pathway
  • Ask for support-The Twitter PLNs are always available to listen and provide support 
Ultimately, with a pocketful of hope, I will make it to Nerdlution, Round 3. 

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