Saturday, October 25, 2014

Notice, Reflect, Write: Celebrate Life this Week

Today is a day to celebrate life by noticing, reflecting, and writing.

Each Saturday, Ruth Ayres asks us to CELEBRATE This Week
This week, Ruth Ayres is celebrating purpose. Please go here to read her thoughts. Then check out the offerings from the Celebrate this week writers. Each writer looks at life in a different way making the reading of their pieces an enjoyable weekend experience. 

I engaged in several writing experiences this week that I would like to celebrate. They were:

Besides those meaningful happenings, I traveled to New York City for an annual visit to my oncologist. This visit was the start of my week of celebration because I have now completed eleven years of being in remission from lymphoma. The power of faith, medicine, and the support of family and friends have allowed me to rejoice in life and its experiences so that I can fully share my joy. 

Because of all of these face-to-face and virtual events, conversations have flowed seamlessly and positively affected my daily life. I captured the essence of all those events in the following poem:

Reaping a Harvest of Connective, Collective Talk

May all of my connected colleagues, whether it be from face-to-face or virtual encounters, celebrate life and learning this week. 

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