Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Creepy Nighttime Fright - 4th Annual Halloweensie Contest

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for children. It brings out the best of the creative spirit, evokes a sense of merriment, and allows for sheer enjoyment with others. For years I transformed my children's play house (a miniature version of our house) into a mini-Halloween house for local fun. Then, when I transferred to an elementary building I created a Harvest House atmosphere in my reading room for a week-long, school wide read aloud event. The room was decorated for the season, complete with a spooky walk down to my room, and an amazing collection of seasonal picture books. 

Naturally, when I saw that Susanna Leonard Hill was hosting her 4th Annual Halloweensie Contest I had to enter. The contest information seen below was posted on Susanna's blog, Something for Everyone in the World of Children's Books, for October 27, 2014.

Below is my 100 word Halloween story for children in poetic form. 

Creepy Nighttime Fright

Who creaks along my pumpkin walk
Speaking daring childish talk, 
Creeping closer with bravery
Toward my black, ghost-eye tree?

Who dares to search trails tonight
with sweaty palms held so tight
in hopes of finding ghoulish delight,
witches brew, broomstick fright?

“Not me!” shouts Molly, Sue, Pete.
But Oscar brave craves a treat
so banded together they gingerly creep
among goblins, pumpkins, cat that leaps.

When out of darkness, pops a fright.
Mr. Magee in an eerie light
Standing by the monster tree
with baskets of treats for all to see.

Who-o-o dares to come to me?

Carol Varsalona © All Rights Reserved

Although there are no illustrations allowed for the contest I thought it would be fun for my readers to see how I would integrate technology into a presentation. I turned to emaze as the tool to make my story more appealing for children who would like to read along. You can view the online version here.

Happy Reading!

Since it is Slice of Tuesday I am hoping that the Slice of Life readership will appreciate my slice today as they prepare for Halloween and might like to submit an entry for the Halloweensie Contest. If you go here you will find many other writers who share their slice of life each Tuesday.  

I would appreciate feedback from the teachers and the children who read 
"Creepy Nighttime Fright."

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