Thursday, October 9, 2014

Songs of Hope

Throughout the years I have walked down different paths on life's journey with faith as my guide so spending time writing about a spiritual journey filled with hope is right timing. Holly Mueller, a Twitter friend, has asked that we share aspects of our spiritual journey today. With the topic of hope as my prompt, I write despite the pressing call of various tasks because hope is my beacon that moves me forward each day.

Holly has reminded us that the Biblical explanation of hope is confident expectation. I have never thought of hope with those words in mind but do know that without hope I would often be adrift in the turbulent sea of life. Perhaps, you have felt the same nagging feeling during times of stress. At these times, I try to remain calm, call on Divine Providence to support me, and repeat these words from Psalm 33:18, Hope in the Lord and His unfailing love. It is the unfailing word that guides me; the constant presence of hope from the infinite Giver of abiding hope that cushions my missteps and lights my path. It is now with confident expectation I will open each day forward.

In the night when stresses mount, let the anxious voice inside give rise to a song of hope. 

 Listen to A Song Of Hope here.

Thank you Holly and the members of Spiritual Journey Thursday for thoughtful posts on this #ThankfulThursday.

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