Monday, October 27, 2014

DigiLit Sunday: Crafting an Online Collection for the Finding Fall Gallery

October is slowly closing its calendar pages this week but to my amazement fall has not peaked in my locale, the western part of Long Island. So being a seeker of natural beauty, I decided to see if I could capture some of the colors of the season for the Finding Fall Gallery. With my new iPhone 6, clippers, and a bag my family and I set out for a walking tour of a nearby park. The weather was crisp and the sun bright enough making me think about Indian Summer days when I was a child. I was not disappointed with what I found. 

The walking trails were picturesque and there was even a fallen tree that blocked the path as you would find in a movie. Since Vine was not loading up properly, I used the iPhone camera to take camera shots and short videos of the variegated trees that were mostly green with some pops of color. These trees stood together on either side of the trails as an archway for visitors. What you see below is the photo collection  from iPhoto that was created into a online scrapbook. This reminds me of my college and early teaching days shooting photos in the countryside to feature in a professional scrapbook. 

The images below are pages from an online collection
that will become sparks for future reflective writing.

As an extension activity, do it yourself enthusiasts can create a fall display from the findings discovered during the walking tour to grace the home. My bag of fall items led to the production of a outdoor decoration that is totally composed of natural items except for the autumn ribbon.

Teachers can ask the children to bring in a bag of items from their fall findings to spark poetry writing. Parents who would like to encourage writing can ask their children to do the same. 

Teachers who are interested in submitting a poem and original photo for the Finding Fall Gallery can use their work as a mentor text when implementing a seasonal writing lesson. One piece of student work can accompany each teacher's offering for the global gallery. I hope you are your students will engage in finding fall  work with me. 

Unfortunately, I could not get into the flow of creating an online scrapbook that transferred over correctly for this Digilit Sunday post.  What you see below is the first attempt that will need to be refined. Until then, enjoy viewing these photos and travel over to DigiLit Sunday brought to you by Margaret Simon.

DigiLit Sunday

My attempt to create an online scrapbook

Enjoy this bountiful season!

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