Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrate 2014 National Day on Writing with #NYEDChat Because Writing Matters

Today, Monday, October 20, 2014 is National Day on Writing sponsored by NCTE, the National Writing Project, and The New York Times Learning Network. #NYEDChat is inviting all Connected Colleagues to celebrate writing with Blanca Duarte and me, tonight's NYEDChat moderators, at 8:30 pm EST. Join us for a fast-paced, our conversation, entitled, "Writing Matters." 

Perhaps, your writing style is a particular genre, such as poetry, essay, narrative, or maybe you best express yourself through art, photography, film, or graphics. You may opt for the traditional form of paper and pencil or intrigued by digital mediums. Some people showcase their writing in street art while others blog, publish, or write letters. Whatever your style is we welcome you to showcase it in the Twitter conversation that will begin at 8:30 pm EST and post your writing or link to it below in the comment section

Six questions will be presented for the Twitter convo (see below). Since this is an open chat for all connected colleagues we ask that you spread the word so this conversation can be joined by colleagues across the globe. Let's hear what you have to say on the art of writing. 

Join NYEDChat as we celebrate this day because 
"Writing Matters!"

I watch their flight
As dreamers wander 
and writers write. 

CVarsalona 2014

NYEDChat Questions

Welcome to #NYEDChat. Please introduce yourself with your name, role, and location.
8:30 pm
Tag a tweep to join #NYEDChat tonight. Writing Matters!
8:31 pm
Beside using #NYEDChat you can tweet with #MYWritingCommunity to join the national initiative on writing.
8:31 pm
Q1 What type of writing fits your style? #NYEDChat
8:35 pm
Q2 Who do you have in mind when you write? #NYEDChat
8:43 pm
Q3  Why is writing in all its forms (paper/pen, digital, film, videos, in art, infographics, etc.) important. #NYEDChat
8:51 pm
Q4 How can you encourage others to become connected colleagues who value voice?  #NYEDChat #WriteMyCommunity
8:59 pm
Q5 How does your writing influence others and/or impact students’ writing lives?  #NYEDChat #WriteMyCommunity
Q6 Do you have any parting advice for those who might be interested in blogging or writing professionally?
9:16 pm
Link your voice with #NYEDChat at Riddle in 140 char? 5 word poem? Blog link? Other? Have fun writing.
9:20 pm
Thank you for joining #NYEDChat tonight. Be connected and continue to write. #CEM14 #WriteMyCommunity
9:28 pm
Join #NYEDChat on November 3, 2014 at 8:30 pm EST TOPIC: TBD
9:29 pm

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