Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gratitude for Grace

There have been times in everyone's lives that missteps taken lead us down a path that is not well-suited for our balanced living. It is with faith and hope that we rise from the fall to move forward. 

It is for amazing grace that I am grateful. 

Gratitude for Grace

When toils abound
And troubles arise
Grace is present
And ever abides
Lifting us gently. 
Catching our steps.
Pushing us forward
Beyond our missteps.
cvarsalona 2014

This poem is embedded in the Animoto video I created. 
The link is above (click Gratitude for Grace).

May the following renditions of "Amazing Grace" allow you to rest in the presence and power of the Divine who provides for us not only in times of toil but on a daily basis. 

Andrea Boccelli

 Amazing Grace Performed by Il Divo
Il Divo

On a perfect fall day Chris Tomlin sings the song for the movie "Amazing Grace" 

May you rest in peace and grace as you find fall in the bounty of nature. 

This week Holly Mueller has invited us to write about grace for the Spiritual Journey Thursday community. I thank Holly for this topic since this week has been filled with grace for me. Eleven years ago I walked on the edge of darkness when diagnosed with lymphoma but through the power of faith, medicine, the support of family and friends, and the grace that surrounded me I survived. Monday was my annual visit to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City where my oncologist greeted me with a smile and a message of healthy living. In tribute to the power of Divine Grace I created this post. 

Thank you to Holly for this simple reminder.

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