Sunday, July 5, 2015

Celebrate American Spirit

In the days leading up to the July 4th, Americans prepared for a day of celebrating connections. Region and town papers announced events, posted notices of 4th of July sales, and published news centering around the concept of freedom. This year, the Macy's fireworks spectacular in the New York City East River illustrated the theme of the American Spirit with live patriotic music, interviews, a hostess dressed in a stylish firework-designed dress, and a excited crowd of viewers. The American spirit was present but just what is the American Spirit?


  • What is the American spirit?
  • How does it shape our values and beliefs?

The question, What is the American spirit?, was posed last night at the Macy's Fireworks celebration. Perhaps, it is best expressed in Gloria Estefan's original song, America, that was featured.  

Authenticity is needed by all of mankind to solidify the power of the collective voice and to realize dreams of freedom. Communities of risk-takers can voice national concerns inherent in the Constitution and follow up with actionable steps, along with strength, passion, and collaboration. Liberty can be achieved for ALL through the democratic process.Resilience, positivity, and stamina are essential..

Idealistic? Perhaps...but independent thinking and a strong sense of patriotism can make a future ready world for our young learners. If it were not for a community of dreamers, American ideals and aspirations would not have been realized. It is up to modern day dreamers to shape the future through the American spirit.

Patriotism represents the "T" in Spirit.

The spirit of freedom unites all. I celebrate the American Spirit this Fourth of July weekend. 


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