Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Morning Musings

Today is a day for creating and Day 2 of Teachers Write! by Kate Messner, a virtual summer writing camp to engage writers from near and far. My mind has been spinning for days: weaving words, creating images, and collaborating with others. After several months of opening channels of creativity and inviting others to engage in the act of creating, I unveiled Springs Symphony Gallery on Sunday. At the same time, I decided to expand my horizons and join the #K12ArtChallenge and #TERPart. The intersection of writing with the arts and technology has given rise to new avenues to create. It has also reawakened a desire to use creativity in different ways as I reflect, bond with nature, and explore perspectives and purpose through photography.  

While reflecting on the act of creating, I ponder what does it mean to create. For me, creating is an interaction of the passionate heart, an open-ended journey. It starts with a desire to let the mind float freely in deep waters of dancing dreams, swirling thoughts, and peaceful passages of time. While creating is unencumbered, limitless in its scope, it is all absorbing and time-consuming. The real world seems to be a far-distant place during the creation process as I engage deeply in the reflective act. But reality calls me back to check in with life, interact with others, and share the products of my mind's journey. 

As I begin the day, I wonder what will I set out to accomplish. With faith as a guide, I will go where the creative process takes me. There are risks in delving into creativity: being transparent and vulnerable as you open yourself up, but risks that offer joy on a journey of discovery of self. With this in mind, Jo Knowles' Monday Morning Warm-Up for Teachers Write! asked why writing is important. This essential question resonated with me. It allowed me to once again dig deeply to explore what it is that sparks the creative process and allows voice to fly into the universe. Knowles provided Teachers Write! participants with a favorite text, "Composition Notebook," from Jacqueline Woodson's Brown Girl Dreaming to use as a spark for writing.

Today, I start a new chapter of the creative process with a blank white page to splash my thoughts across. As I wonder, I create a poem of promise as Jo Knowles called the task of the day. 

Morning Musings

There is a quietness alive 

in mornings where no one wakes.
I sit in darkness 
with the flash of a single laptop
lighting the way
to a creation yet untold.
I hear the voices of nature calling
from a deep sleep,
waking the world to a day of promise.
I feel the dreams of thoughts, 
the rise of voice,
the peace of passion unfolding.
In early morning when darkness
sits in a robe of quiet,
I feel alive. 
I wonder.
I muse 
about life, 
and learning.
i create.

CVarsalona  © 2015

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Enjoy Creating.
Writing Matters!

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