Saturday, July 25, 2015

Poetry Alive!

Poetry is alive every season of the year but who can deny the sweet smell of summer blossoms as a spark to be creative. When Tabatha Yeatts of The Opposite of Indifference announced the Summer Poem Swap 2015, I knew that I would be interested in the creative venture but a torn rotator cuff would prohibit me from the full experience. Tabitha was kind enough to provide me with one swap and so I passionately set off to create after I found out whom my swap partner was. 

I soon discovered that for me the one glitch of the project was in the optional activity of sonnet writing but I embarked on a search for inspiration journey that led me to the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. At Long Island's Jones Beach, I collected shells of different varieties. These appeared to be randomly washed ashore as if the sea casually discarded them for passerbyers' delightful pickings. The trinkets from nature's tossings glistened in the sun waiting to become the gems for my creative project. Although they provided inspiration for writing, I still could not capture the essence of sonnet writing, so after many attempts I forgo that format. I decided upon one that would suit my writing style and be a worthy offering for my swap recipient, Keri Collins Lewis. If you stop by Keri Recommends, you will see what I sent to her. 

This morning when I opened Facebook, I was so excited that I could hardly contain my joy when I saw what Keri posted, Poetry Friday and Carol's Gift from the Sea. It is wonderful to be filled with passion to create, but equally exhilarating to see your work discussed in a positive light at a social media site. 

This past week a large envelope came in the mail addressed from Buffy Silverman, author of nonfiction books and poetry for young readers. My husband announced the delivery with a sense of urgency and excitement for what was in store. Much to my surprise, Buffy was my Summer Poem Swap writer who offered me a fascinating photograph with an equally intriguing sonnet. I was captivated by the way the words flowed and thought how easy Buffy made sonnet writing look. Her photography skills were noted as she deftly captured the dragonfly in silent motion on her arm.

Buffy's poems are inspired by her love of science and nature. "One of the reasons that I love to write about the world around us is that I am always learning and discovering new things." Once you look closely at the photograph, you will realize why this shot was especially tricky. This combination of photograph, poem, and short note was a perfect trio to send me, a lover of the grace and elegance of the dragonfly. 

Poetry is alive this summer in the Poetry Friday Summer Poem Swap, in the posts of the Poetry Friday writers. and will be featured in my soon to be created Summer Splashings Gallery. 

Now take a stroll over to my friend Margaret Simon's blog site, Reflections on the Teche. Margaret is the host of Poetry Friday this week and features the collage sent to from Irene Latham for the Summer Poem Swap. While the summer months heat up, the passion of poetry is ignited. Stay tuned to be inspired by summer verse. 

Poetry Friday round up is here!

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