Friday, July 3, 2015

Creating Spring's Symphony Gallery

As I sit on the edge of unveiling Spring's Symphony Gallery, I ponder the act of creating. Designing the gallery has been a dedicated task. In doing so, I tried to offer optimum space for total immersion in a strong sensory experience, much like a tour of a well-designed exhibit. Visual presentation is key, as are thoughtfully crafted poems or poetic expressions paired with vivid artwork, photographs, or digitalized images. What you will view in my newest gallery will hopefully provide a “heartstrings” type of experience, one that is passion-filled, joyful in content, and reflective in nature. This experiential walk back into springtime will allow readers time to appreciate each creation and be astonished by the visual representations of springtime while listening to soft, relaxing music. 

While I am almost at the end of the design process, there are last minute editing details that need to take place, as well as the pairing of J. Patrick Lewis' offering of three poems. Several other Poetry Friday writers have contributed to Spring's Symphony, along with teachers, bloggers, authors, artists, and practitioners of life. At present there are more than 45 contributors and a variety of perspectives about the season of renewal. 

Reflecting on the process of creating a gallery, I penned the following:

Create with passion.
Allow thoughts to spin,
twist and turn internally, and
take shape in various patterns.

Release the offerings
of woven words, imagined creations
like butterflies in flight, 
from sheltered cocoons to open space

Allowing each offering to become real,
authentic representations of written thoughts
that dance in open skies, gently cascade, and
quietly descend to become validations of self. 

Writers' voice opens doorways to conversations about life, learning, and inspired journeys. Take a stroll with me this weekend as I unveil Spring's Symphony Gallery with offerings from writers across the United States and Europe. Immerse yourself in a "heartstrings' experience. 

As with the openings of movies, a trailer is provided. While mine is not in a video format, I hope you find the following teasers as encouragement to view the upcoming gallery.

  • Several steps were taken to offer this digitalized visual presentation that is meant to recreate a fashion runway moment. 

  • In the pairing below, I collaborated with a colleague, Trevor Bryan, via Twitter to combine his rock sculpture artwork for the #TERpart and #K12ArtChallenge with my reflective poem on the subject of balance. On July 13th, I will showcase this work along with interactive exercises via a presio, Be Inspried to Create. My #NYEDChat co-moderate and friend, Blanca Duarte, will facilitate the workshop with me that is intended for participants of EdcampLeadershipNY in the beautiful Hamptons' area of Long Island. 

In the meantime, enjoy reading the posts of Poetry Friday writers carefully residing at Donna Smith's site, Mainly Write. Donna is one of the Spring's Symphony Gallery contributors. She has also participated in various other galleries I have created. I am grateful for her support and poetry pieces. 

I hope your Fourth of July is filled with sparkling offerings, 
Spring's Symphony being one of them!

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