Sunday, July 26, 2015

Celebrate Summer

Wherever you live, summer is a time for spectacular photos and celebrations. Families share smiles; friends gather for outdoor events; and nature poses. Each day provides enjoyment. Morning opens the door for summer pleasures. Mid-day heat requires a slowing down of activities and evening allows for reflected moments. 

Everywhere you go, you can see cameras and phones flickering and videos preserving events. Travel seems rich with unbelievable sights. Cooking and grilling take on new opportunities to dazzle family and friends with fresh delights from the sea or gardens. Even if you do not leave your locale, life seems full because the summer sun shines brightly on each new day.

Summer is here and heating up so allow spontaneity, surprise, and endless moments to be savored. This season knows no boundaries. Your weekends can hold endless memories so treasure the leisure time to reflect, explore, and examine life and learning. Be inspired to observe the world with a new lens. Then, when twilight nods, you can sit back to observe the sky. See beyond the colors. Realize that there are dreams caught in between the rays. Find those specks to paint a new picture of possibilities. Rest in the assurance that a new day will dawn and celebrations begin anew. 

Beyond photography, artwork and digital renderings are welcomed.

Dream big so that your thoughts can be beyond the sky and in all the wonder, immerse your senses in what summer holds. Thinkers dream while writers write. It is your time to choose your medium of expression to find pleasure in summer moments that you can send out to the world through Summer Splashings

Below is a teaser for what the Summer Splashings Gallery can hold if you allow your voice to splash across a page. The mode of expression is endless. Artistic renderings can be in the form of free verse, haikus, tankas, inspirational thoughts, or however you would like to express yourself. You do not have to be an artist, photographer, or poet to join in the chorus of voices for the Summer Splashings Gallery. You just have to be inspired to create. When complete, you can send your offering on to me for placement in the global gallery that will be unveiled at the end of the summer season. Deadline for submission is the end of August 2015.

Think summer thoughts as your create. Find the perspective that suits your style. Be open to sharing what summer offers you. The digital world affords us the opportunity to send our thoughts and images into the Twittersphere. Join me to create a new gallery that will bring inspirational moments to many readers. 

If you would like to see the inspirations of 2014, please visit the Summer Serenity Gallery here. The latest global gallery of artistic expressions, Spring's Symphony, can be accessed here.

Since this is a weekend of digital literacy celebrations, I am offering this post and invitation to DigiLit Sunday hosted by Margaret Simon and Celebrate This Week hosted by Ruth Ayres. I am also splashing this post across the Twittersphere to engage the Reflect With Me writers and many others in the creation of the Summer Splashings Gallery

Celebrate Summer Long Island Style!

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