Friday, July 10, 2015

Listen and Reflect

When creating, my best advice to self is to listen to my internal voice, reread my piece, and reflect upon the intent and audience to whom I'm writing. While I prepare for two presentations, one at Edcamp Leadership NY from The Hamptons and the other, the International Literacy Conference in St. Louis next week, I realize that time is precious so precision is necessary. During times of pressure, I understand that listening to self and family serves as an important step to a balanced life. 

To capitalize on the art of listening during collaborative conversations and reflecting, I recreated my one little word pieces into a collage format to fit the black and white theme challenge from The Everyday RenaissanceI am offering the image below, a digitalized black and white format, to #K12ArtChallenge and #TERPart Challenge, along with Poetry Friday. The poster below is a reminder to self to listen intently and reflect, then communicate.

Both listening and reflecting are important interpersonal skills that allow self to become absorbed in "accountable talk," whether it be in oral or written formats. Collaborative, as well as internal, conversations are important to hone my craft. I decided to resurrect a visual that I created months ago as another reminder to myself.  I digitalized a previous poster to fit the challenge's black and white theme. The second image that is below allows me to reflect on the possibilities that listening offers. 

In creating the Reflect With Me Galleries that I have designed, I have listened to my family and colleagues' thoughts about choosing a name for each online seasonal gallery. The title becomes the entrance in, the alluring set of words. It should resonate with a global audience and spark creative interest. Spring's Symphony was chosen for the latest gallery to allow the writer to envision a sensory experience that spring brings to the world. I was delighted to showcase each writer's carefully crafted text with an accompanying vivid image that provided his or her own perspective on the season. 

Collective voice is powerful.  The global response to Spring's Symphony has been very positive. If you have not perused the gallery, please do so to enjoy a relaxing read during the summer months and honor the writers who contributed. 

With enthusiasm, I ask that you stay tuned for information on the newest gallery that will unfold. Watch for my advertisements and instructions on writing alongside me for Summer Splashings

Now please visit Poetry Friday at The Logonauts where my Twitter teacher friend, Katie, is hosting today's Round-Up. I met up with Katie months ago when she blogged about her third graders' enjoyment of writing poetry. What followed from our communication was a sharing of her third graders' poetry with teachers that I was working with. The teachers on Long Island were impressed with the children's voices. Today, Katie has Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It poems for us to read and enjoy as a pre-reading for the Poetry Friday Round-up.

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