Thursday, May 26, 2016

Persona Poems Line-up

At Today's Little Ditty, hosted by Michelle H. Barnes, Laura Shovan challenged all who are interested to write persona poems during the month of May. Below you will find my offerings. 

It is my intent to speak my mind,
to be intentional as I act upon my words;
deliberate as I move through the motions .
I am a connected educator,
one of thousands across the globe.
I speak with intentionality.
A growth mindset leads me.
Positivity guides me. 
I listen and hear my colleagues
as I create alongside them,
hoping to impact teaching and learning
on a daily basis.
With intent, I move to the beat,
feeling the sparks of connectivity
letting my voice rise with the collective chorus
for the greater good of learners first!
©CVarsalona, 2016
As I was walking to my flower garden today, I saw a few mounds of ant hills. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the ants busily scurrying around a circular mound with a deep hole. This #noticepoem for children evolved.

J. W. Welch, Advertisement Art 1946
It's storytime-
hugs and books
with Daddy and James.
Daddy nestles us 
close together.
Millie comes along.
We love to listen to
Daddy's deep voice
as he reads 
our favorite book.
When I grow up
I will read
Scratchfoot again
and again to Millie.
I'm going to be
a great reader
like Daddy.
He told me so.
©CVarsalona, 2016

Please visit Julie Larios at The Drift Record for the Poetry Friday Round-up and don't forget to check out the persona poems at Today's Little Ditty.

I hope you enjoyed my writing adventure that had me noticing and wondering.

NOTE: The deadline for offering digital compositions (poem and photo), an inspirational quote, or photo for Spring's Seeds Gallery that I am designing is next week. I look forward to Poetry Friday friends submitting their inspirational blooms for my virtual garden. 

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