Sunday, May 22, 2016


Digital platforms, like Twitter, are used daily by connected colleagues for professional learning. It is the intent of these educators to broaden their reach and cross regional boundaries as a means of communicating on a global scale. Learning becomes a continual cycle through conversations, infographics, and blogs. Digital change happens as we connect and explore educational issues together.

It is my intent to speak my mind,
to be intentional as I act upon my words;
deliberate as I move through the motions .
I am a connected educator,
one of thousands across the globe.
I speak with intentionality.
A growth mindset leads me.
Positivity guides me. 
I listen and hear my colleagues
as I create alongside them,
hoping to impact teaching and learning
on a daily basis.
With intent, I move to the beat,
feeling the sparks of connectivity
letting my voice rise with the collective chorus
for the greater good of learners first!

With whom do you connect and what is your intent for moving education forward in your locale? 

Please visit Digilit Sunday hosted by Margaret Simon to read the viewpoints of other educators on the topic of intent. 

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