Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Creative arts have always intrigued me but seeing life through a lens has challenged me. My digital art work pathway started when I was in college. The path curved from then to now, allowing a growing appreciation of the photographer's perspective. Throughout my educational career from teacher to administrator to consultant, I have always sought creativity as an outlet to inspire others. I learned that through the lens we can develop a keen eye. Observation leads to inquiry. From there the path opens to a world of wonder where voice has the opportunity to allow us to dig deeper, showcasing the murmurings of the heart. 

Paths curve throughout life. There is usually never a straight road to follow. We meet detours and new directions along the path. Curves allow us to follow the bends, to develop an openness that may not be within the boundaries. It is a bit off the beaten path at times but in its bends we grow as learners of life. Missteps may occur but do not deter us from our journey. We may not see the light beyond the curve at first. Sometimes, we need to retrace our steps to find the right path. All the meanderings and curves along the way build stamina, character, and perseverance.  

Because creativity and voice are imperative in this world of changing perspectives, I design online galleries to explore digital literacy in its various formats. The power of voice captures varying perspectives on nature and inspiration. With a photographer's eye, an artist's renderings, and a poet's love of words and feelings, a new gallery, Spring's Seeds, will evolve connecting the arts, technology, and poetry. Perhaps, a few curves will be showcased. 

This season as seeds of springtime joy spread, a garden of poetry will develop. My passions for creative writing and photography have spurred me on to encourage others, especially students, to find their voices through artistic expressions. Creation of digital inspirations, thoughtful compositions of original art work or photography embedded with poetic thoughts, synthesize the experience of viewing life through a lens on paper. Sharing the digital work is equally as important as creating it for in the shared experience, the individual voice blends with others to form a collective chorus of positivity for mankind. 

Curves are everywhere. It is with keen observation skills that we can view the curves as insights into life to allow for flexibility, new perspectives, and positive thinking. 

This topic for this post is written at the suggestion of Margaret Simon for Digilit Sunday. It also is dedicated to the Two Writing Teachers for a Slice of Life posting. 

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