Friday, May 13, 2016


As the weather turns to what I envision springtime to be, many people, including me, take to walking trails and paths to relax and reflect. Being in an unretirement state of mind, I have the opportunity to plan my days as I see fit. Walking not only provides a physical workout but exercise for the mind and spirit as I wander and wonder in springtime. 

Take a moment to listen to the sounds of springtime
that I captured while walking in Virginia last weekend.

Now please read the excerpt from the poem,
Walking  by Thomas Traherne.

You can read the rest of the poem
from Poetry Foundation here.

Does springtime capture your spirit for wandering and wondering? If so, you may wish to create your own digital inspiration for my upcoming spring gallery, Spring's Seeds. The invitation to create can be accessed here.

Now please visit the blog site of my colleague and fellow writer, Violet Nesdoly, who is the host of Poetry Friday. She has a fiery edition for us from western Canada's forest fire season. Violet's poem, Forest Usurper, inspired from an image prompt, is a visual reminder of the anger of forest fires and the damage they cause.
The link to Poetry Friday is here.

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