Friday, May 27, 2016

Celebrating with Friends

When life comes 
a calling with celebrations, 
what do you do?





Last Sunday, I celebrated the bridal shower of a framily member whom I watched grow up since she was a baby. I was also fortunate enough to help decorate for the event.

On Tuesday, I was interviewed by Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio on my perspective of the upcoming International Literacy Association's 2016 Conference. You can read about that wonderful experience here

During the week, I noticed, wondered, created digital compositions and image poems, and wrote blogs and poetry in between shopping for additional plants for my gardens. 

*New Celebration Added: I celebrate poet friends who are keen on finding the right accreditation for images. When I found the above vintage piece of artwork, I did not have the name of the artist. On the internet it is listed as Norman Rockwell but Michelle H. Barnes thought it was not. Since the poem was being placed in her persona poem collection for Today's Little Ditty Challenge, she decided to use the label, vintage painting, artist unknown. Diane Mayr, librarian/poet, solved the mystery. The artist is Jack Welch, an illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post. The artwork is actually a 1946 ad for Air Lines of The United States.

All week long, I enjoyed corresponding with colleagues who were sending in their offerings for my upcoming spring gallery, Spring's Seeds. If you go to #SpringsSeeds on Twitter, you can start to see my growing virtual garden of poetry blossoms.

It was a full week of celebrating and now there is more celebrating to do with the start of the Memorial Day Weekend. 

Remember, "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate."

Please visit Ruth Ayres at Celebrate This Week, a place where weekly celebrations are posted by the blogging community. 

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