Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gears in Motion

When a advertisers are ready to introduce a product, they need to create interest with a selective audience. Design and appeal are factors to consider in rolling out the campaign. In the initial stages, information is imported allowing gears to turn and creativity to flow. Remember the creative team in Mad Men and how they spent time deliberating? Brainstorming ideas created a bank of input /data. 

Each time I create a new campaign for my seasonal galleries, I mull over the ideas for weeks, searching for fresh and engaging visuals and thoughts to move creativity forward. When the creative spirit jump-starts the engine of my mind, flow occurs. The end result is a draft of ideas that I review and spend time refining. 

Thinking back on the process for my upcoming gallery, I allowed nature to lead the way. I noticed, observed, and found details on my walks that allowed my gears to turn. While on those walks at the preserve and my neighborhood, I gathered natural objects that I found to create a design. The fun began when I placed all the objects on my work table. Ideas started popping up. With glue gun in hand, I started the process of layering the objects to create my visual design. With the house quiet and only the pitter patter of the rain seeping through, I was lost in thought and design. The outdoors moved closer to me as I created and there it was in front of me. A seed of an idea blossomed into a brightly colored visual representative of springtime beauty. 

Nature, scraps of material, and snippets of artificial flowers provided the raw materials, creativity the spark, and perseverance the tool that led me onward to a finished product worthy to stand alone as an advertisement. 

What function does this ornamental design serve? It not only shows that creativity comes from whatever sparks your passion but that you do not need lots of money to bring an idea to fruition. My Do It Yourself design serves as a representation of nature's gift to us. From this creation, I wove the words to introduce my newest writing challenge for Spring's Seeds Gallery that can be accessed here

While this has been a roundabout process for addressing DigiLit Sunday's call to discuss function and my late entry, I had fun thinking through the design for my upcoming spring gallery and new hashtag site, #SpringsSeeds. My hope is that an inspired garden of poetry will blossom by the end of May. Please visit Margaret Simon's blog to read other's thoughts on the topic of function. 

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