Saturday, June 11, 2016

Celebrating Spring's Seeds

Each day, I am amazed by the new growth in my gardens. Vibrant colors are popping. The soaking rains that come nourish the plants so they can stand tall. My Nonnie who had the most amazing green thumb must be smiling from her heavenly throne as she looks down on my flower and herb gardens. I celebrate spring's seeds in honor of her.

Other Celebrations This Week:

1. My Virtual Garden
I am excited about the growth of a virtual garden at Twitter under the hashtag #SpringsSeeds. #imagepoems there will soon be transplanted to my upcoming global spring gallery, Spring's Seeds

2. My Decluttering Project, Decluttering to Achieve Balance
My goal is to declutter one room at a time now that my outside space is reimagined and clutter-free.

3. My Photolog of the Spring Season
I created a short video illustrating the renewal of life around the world. You can access this photo gallery, Spring's Seeds Inspirations, here#celebratelu bloggers, Terje Akke, Linda Baie, and Margaret Simon, have their photos featured among other photographers in this trailer for my upcoming spring gallery.

4. Poetry Friday Round-Up
I was the host of Poetry Friday yesterday and the poetry garden party is still going on at my blog site. Please gather in my garden to read through some posts and/or submit your own thoughts.

My gift to you-a bouquet of peonies and lilacs
From my post Slice of Spring.

I celebrate spring's seeds that have bloomed into June gardens.
I will be unveiling my virtual garden gallery this month.
Stay tuned.

I join Ruth Ayres' at Celebrate This Week site to celebrate the positives of this week.

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