Thursday, June 9, 2016

Poetry Friday Round-up at My Garden

Poetry is full of vibrancy, emotion, and life's thoughts, 
fed by the waters of creativity.
Poetry is alive this season, 
like my spring gardens that are blooming. 

Poetry is the splashing of writers' words across a page
and readers' wonderings of those written words.

Poetry is honored by springtime each year.
I celebrate the power of poetry for it brings voice to the world! 

Reminder to those who are intending to send me #imagepoems, digital inspirations, quotes, or spring music videos for my spring gallery, Spring's Seeds:  I am currently in the design process so I am beginning to gather and sort through the offerings now.

To advertise the unveiling of my Spring's Seeds Gallery, I created an iMovie of amazing photographs that colleagues sent from around the world. Join me now to take an inspirational global journey showcasing nature's finest efforts to renew life.

I extend my thanks to my colleagues who sent in photographs of springtime
from the United States, Saskatchewan, Spain, Estonia, Uganda, and Australia.

I am honored to have J. Patrick Lewisan esteemed poet, the former U.S. Children's Poet Laureate (2011-2013), winner of the NCTE 2011 Excellence in Children's Poetry Award, and one of my favorite writers, featured at my different poetry galleries and here today at Poetry Friday. After several email conversations, Pat sent me his thoughts on what poetry is, along with his offerings for the spring gallery.

Below you will find Pat's poem, Poetry Is..., that he wrote some time ago. I believe it is a wonderful showcasing piece for the Poetry Friday Round-up today. For my spring gallery, Pat said I could choose some pithy lines from his poem for a quote. "A blind date with enchantment" is one of the lines that resonates with me. It is filled with wonder, just like the season of spring. I may not know what to expect of spring each day but I am open to its delight no matter what it offers. Pat has opened my eyes to an array of amazing images that pop out of his poems, starting with the one below.

Let's welcome Pat to Poetry Friday and stay tuned for the unveiling of Spring's Seeds Gallery where you will Pat's poems and some of the Poetry Friday writers' as well.

J. Patrick Lewis at NCTE 14

Poetry Is…
by J. Patrick Lewis

the tunnel at the end of the light.
commotion in the left field stanzas.
frosted fire.
the great flywheel of metaphor.
prose, bent out of shape.
the idiom of the djinns.
experience’s armor against oblivion.
the midwife at the birth of the alphabet.
perfect verbs hunting elusive nouns.
an antidote for the adjective-itis.
words on a busman’s holiday. 
a ladder to the castle in the air.
a blind date with enchantment.
the sound of silence…amplified.

You can also access other delightful poems by Pat at Spring's Seeds when I unveil the gallery. I thank Pat, for providing the world with his inspiring voice and always supporting my efforts. 

At Poetry Friday today you will be treated to a potpourri of poetry entries. They will sprout and spread as writers write and readers read. Enjoy each fragrant delight in my Poetry Friday Round-up garden and stay tuned for the unveiling of my virtual garden, Spring's Seeds.

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