Friday, June 3, 2016

Joyful Poetry

When you bring the spirit of poetry from the poet's heart to the outside world, it causes a positive stir. Raining Poetry is a poetry project unlike others that brings the joy of poetry out onto the sidewalks of Boston. Mass Poetry and the City of Boston partnered to paint the city's pavement with poems "using a biodegradable water-repellant spray and stencils made by local artists." When it rains or the pavements gets wet, stenciled poems by Boston-based writers, like Langston Hughes and Barbara Helfgott Hyett, are visible. 

You can read about the special project that was carried out by local artists and Lesley University College of Art and Design students here. Boston's Poet Laureate and Lesley University professor, Danielle Legros Georges, thinks highly of the project that  she says "is a wonderful way to bring poetry to the people."

If I could paint a block of a sidewalk with a poetic thought, it would be to remind all to seek the positives in life.

Breathe in
the fragrance of life.
Let petals of positivity
surround you as
you take on a
new day.

©Carol Varsalona, 2016

You can read one of Danielle Legros George's inspiring poems below.

"The arts create powerful pathways that allow us to reach all kids of learners."
~Danielle Legros Georges

What are your thoughts on joyful poetry? 

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